Friday, April 28, 2006


I have never heard of such insolent meager behavior that you have reflected in your recent letter to Mistress Sofia. With impulse of repulsive pity I agreed to grace your miserable pretentious existence with a letter; however I feel a tremendous intuition of your incapability to comprehend this act, and I cannot expect any more from an undeserving piece of shit of which you are.
I require proper respect from your withering soul, and suitable manners are not only a request but also a demand that will be punished harshly if casually dismissed. I will not be taken light in jest or cynical satires.
In the future you will refer to me as 'My Goddess and Mistress Who Allows My Unicellular Scum Form Exist'. Be assured that I AM the only reason why you live now. And I, above no one else, remain governess of your delicate life and death. When given direct orders you WILL be obliged to react without thought. I now pull your strings.
I tolerate very little you worthless sack of putrid shit. To want and need are two very diversified aspirations. You will suffer neither with ME. There is no want with your Goddess and Mistress, and the insatiable thirst you will feel will slither beyond the mere synonyms of 'need'. You have no desires. You have no voice. It hardly remains bereft that your Goddess and Mistress should have to lower her status to merely speak to you on the level of degenerated language that you solely conceive.
With your audacity comes punishment worthless one. Do not invoke your Mistress and Goddess's temper. For the mere impudence you arrogantly displayed and subjected Sofia to you will write me letter consisting:
"John is a very bad slave who has angered The Great Goddess Sirenia Mistress Who Allows My Unicellular Scum Form Exist."
Of this line I require you to WRITE (and that means in script you pathetic uneducated faggot) 100 times on unlined paper with blue food coloring. I will receive this letter within two weeks postmarked AFTER this letter reaches your useless hands. And if I do not find your humble apologies from you I will be forced to take drastic actions.
I watch my calendar you son of a bitch,