Monday, March 20, 2006

A Family Show

I ran into my wife in the hallway, just as she was leaving the bathroom, and pulled her into the bedroom. Before she could ask what I was doing I placed my hand over her mouth, and gave her the signal to keep quiet. In what must have seemed a rush to her, I quickly pulled her shorts and panties down to the floor, and pushed her backwards across the bed. A tiny squeal escaped her lips as she realized I was about to mock rape her. A game we play from time to time, when one of us is overcome with lust. A game my wife plays as often as I do! Without a word, I mount my wife and pound her pussy without mercy, driving my throbbing dick deep and hard into her. Some people may call it a "quickie" but the results are the same.
My wife, with her wicked sense of humor, knows what caused the heated sex play, the fact her mom had been caught eyeing her son in laws privates.
The whole event didn't take five minutes to complete, but the satisfaction was intense, for us both.
Catching her breath, my wife rose, straightened up her clothing, and strolled off to the living room.
I could just hear the two off them talking, as if nothing had happened, or so I thought.
When I came out of the bedroom, my mother in law had left for her home without even saying goodbye. I asked my wife if she was angry, but was told no, she had not mentioned the afternoon's events.
Well several days passed before Beth made another visit, and yes it was unexpected, but I felt curiously pleased to have her in the house.
We had a quiet dinner at home, the three of us, and spent the evening watching a video movie. At some point I fell asleep on the couch, only to be awakened and told to go to bed. My snoring was disturbing the movie. With a mumbled "goodnight" I stumbled off to bed.
Sometime later, in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke with a terrible thirst. Rising carefully, not to disturb my wife sleeping soundly beside me, I quietly crept out of the bedroom. In my sleepy haze, I never gave my mother in law a thought, presuming she had gone home after the movie. Down the dimly lit hallway I slowly walked, completely naked, and across the living room. Into the kitchen, to the fridge, and opened the door. The light was blinding, giving me pause, to collect my sight. Taking a pitcher of orange juice, I turned to the counter, and picked up a glass. As I was pouring the juice, I was startled out of my wits, by a voice!
"May I have a glass of juice?"
My head jerked around to find my mother in law standing in the light from the fridge! She had been awakened by the light, and had quietly risen from the couch where she had fallen asleep. With me standing just an arms length away, she seemed quiet at ease with me naked as the day I was born. So I offered her my glass of juice and poured myself another one. I might add that she was wearing one of my wife's long T-shirts, and the light from the fridge seemed to pass right through the material. I could easily see the curves of her breasts and the flair of her hips.
I felt the first signals of lust stir deep in my groin, for my mother in law! Looking Beth straight in the eyes, I wondered what she was feeling. Only to see the look of a very sleepy woman. And just as quickly the kitchen went to dark as the fridge closed. Just as well, I was thinking all the wrong thoughts, as I glimpsed Beth's curves. In silence we felt our way back into the living room, with me leading the way. Beth held onto my arm, as she was as blinded by the dark as I was, trusting me to return her to the couch.
Knowing by instinct, I avoided the coffee table, but my step sideways nearly knocked Beth off her balance. To keep from falling, Beth pulled herself close to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. In a flash, I was taken by the pleasure of her warm, lush body, pressed to mine. In the dark I could feel her breath upon my neck, the warm scent of some unknown perfume.
To keep my balance, I reached around her waist, and was rewarded with her hugging more tightly. In a very long, quiet moment, the two of us stood in the darkness, embracing.