Friday, November 03, 2006

The St. Petersburg hotels

The St. Petersburg hotels are traditionally divided according to their level and quality of services. The most wide-spread are 3-star hotels, and there is a great deal of them in St. Petersburg. The most fascinating thing about them is their price, which is much lower comparing with that of the other groups of hotels in spite of the fact that the hotels conditions are of a good quality, and there are all the necessary appliances. In the rooms one can find everything needed for a great and comfortable rest.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I have never heard of such insolent meager behavior that you have reflected in your recent letter to Mistress Sofia. With impulse of repulsive pity I agreed to grace your miserable pretentious existence with a letter; however I feel a tremendous intuition of your incapability to comprehend this act, and I cannot expect any more from an undeserving piece of shit of which you are.
I require proper respect from your withering soul, and suitable manners are not only a request but also a demand that will be punished harshly if casually dismissed. I will not be taken light in jest or cynical satires.
In the future you will refer to me as 'My Goddess and Mistress Who Allows My Unicellular Scum Form Exist'. Be assured that I AM the only reason why you live now. And I, above no one else, remain governess of your delicate life and death. When given direct orders you WILL be obliged to react without thought. I now pull your strings.
I tolerate very little you worthless sack of putrid shit. To want and need are two very diversified aspirations. You will suffer neither with ME. There is no want with your Goddess and Mistress, and the insatiable thirst you will feel will slither beyond the mere synonyms of 'need'. You have no desires. You have no voice. It hardly remains bereft that your Goddess and Mistress should have to lower her status to merely speak to you on the level of degenerated language that you solely conceive.
With your audacity comes punishment worthless one. Do not invoke your Mistress and Goddess's temper. For the mere impudence you arrogantly displayed and subjected Sofia to you will write me letter consisting:
"John is a very bad slave who has angered The Great Goddess Sirenia Mistress Who Allows My Unicellular Scum Form Exist."
Of this line I require you to WRITE (and that means in script you pathetic uneducated faggot) 100 times on unlined paper with blue food coloring. I will receive this letter within two weeks postmarked AFTER this letter reaches your useless hands. And if I do not find your humble apologies from you I will be forced to take drastic actions.
I watch my calendar you son of a bitch,


Monday, March 20, 2006

A Family Show

I ran into my wife in the hallway, just as she was leaving the bathroom, and pulled her into the bedroom. Before she could ask what I was doing I placed my hand over her mouth, and gave her the signal to keep quiet. In what must have seemed a rush to her, I quickly pulled her shorts and panties down to the floor, and pushed her backwards across the bed. A tiny squeal escaped her lips as she realized I was about to mock rape her. A game we play from time to time, when one of us is overcome with lust. A game my wife plays as often as I do! Without a word, I mount my wife and pound her pussy without mercy, driving my throbbing dick deep and hard into her. Some people may call it a "quickie" but the results are the same.
My wife, with her wicked sense of humor, knows what caused the heated sex play, the fact her mom had been caught eyeing her son in laws privates.
The whole event didn't take five minutes to complete, but the satisfaction was intense, for us both.
Catching her breath, my wife rose, straightened up her clothing, and strolled off to the living room.
I could just hear the two off them talking, as if nothing had happened, or so I thought.
When I came out of the bedroom, my mother in law had left for her home without even saying goodbye. I asked my wife if she was angry, but was told no, she had not mentioned the afternoon's events.
Well several days passed before Beth made another visit, and yes it was unexpected, but I felt curiously pleased to have her in the house.
We had a quiet dinner at home, the three of us, and spent the evening watching a video movie. At some point I fell asleep on the couch, only to be awakened and told to go to bed. My snoring was disturbing the movie. With a mumbled "goodnight" I stumbled off to bed.
Sometime later, in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke with a terrible thirst. Rising carefully, not to disturb my wife sleeping soundly beside me, I quietly crept out of the bedroom. In my sleepy haze, I never gave my mother in law a thought, presuming she had gone home after the movie. Down the dimly lit hallway I slowly walked, completely naked, and across the living room. Into the kitchen, to the fridge, and opened the door. The light was blinding, giving me pause, to collect my sight. Taking a pitcher of orange juice, I turned to the counter, and picked up a glass. As I was pouring the juice, I was startled out of my wits, by a voice!
"May I have a glass of juice?"
My head jerked around to find my mother in law standing in the light from the fridge! She had been awakened by the light, and had quietly risen from the couch where she had fallen asleep. With me standing just an arms length away, she seemed quiet at ease with me naked as the day I was born. So I offered her my glass of juice and poured myself another one. I might add that she was wearing one of my wife's long T-shirts, and the light from the fridge seemed to pass right through the material. I could easily see the curves of her breasts and the flair of her hips.
I felt the first signals of lust stir deep in my groin, for my mother in law! Looking Beth straight in the eyes, I wondered what she was feeling. Only to see the look of a very sleepy woman. And just as quickly the kitchen went to dark as the fridge closed. Just as well, I was thinking all the wrong thoughts, as I glimpsed Beth's curves. In silence we felt our way back into the living room, with me leading the way. Beth held onto my arm, as she was as blinded by the dark as I was, trusting me to return her to the couch.
Knowing by instinct, I avoided the coffee table, but my step sideways nearly knocked Beth off her balance. To keep from falling, Beth pulled herself close to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. In a flash, I was taken by the pleasure of her warm, lush body, pressed to mine. In the dark I could feel her breath upon my neck, the warm scent of some unknown perfume.
To keep my balance, I reached around her waist, and was rewarded with her hugging more tightly. In a very long, quiet moment, the two of us stood in the darkness, embracing.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Quick Lunch Break

A Quick Lunch Break
I drive up to your house, and pull in the driveway. It was purely a freak-scheduling thing that everyone from your house would be away for the weekend, and the same in my house. So we agreed to get together for a little vacation.
I walk up and ring the bell. The door opens and you issue me inside quickly. As soon as the door closes behind me, you push me against the door and kiss me deeply and passionately.
"It took you longer than we thought, I had to start without you...." you slyly smile as you look down. Looking down, I can see you are naked from the waist down. I can see your pussy lips are puffed up and look wet.
"Sorry I missed the party!" I say, "Say. Is there anything to eat around here?" I give you a lecherous grin.
"I think so, let's go to the kitchen and see..." You take me by the hand into the kitchen. You walk over to the kitchen table and sit on the top of me... You spread your legs and reach down and rub your clit slowly, your fingers delving inside you. You spread your pussy lips open and look at me..."Help yourself to whatever you want."
I laugh and sit down to have a mini-feast. You lean back on your elbows as my head lowers to your already wet slit. My tongue laps up and down your slit, tasting your warm juices. I flick my tongue over the clit, sending ripples of pleasure through you. I stick my tongue deep inside you, and swirl it around teasing you. My fingers start to get into the act and hold your pussy open so I can lick you all over. Every so often my tongue would work its way up and I'd suck on your clit and my fingers would replace my tongue in your pussy. You grab my head, trying to get more and more inside you.
"Oh shit.... God...yes...oh....yes...I need to be fucked, please fuck me...fuck me right now!" you cry out.
I lean back and we run to the bedroom. I quickly strip naked and lay on the bed on my back. My cock is standing straight up and has a small pool of precum at the tip. You lick your lips and then you lick that precum right up!
"That was yummy, but I need you inside", you slyly say.
You climb on top of me and grab my cock. You position the tip right at your hot wet pussy, and lower yourself onto my hard shaft. I watch as inch after inch disappear inside you. Your eyes close, your mouth opens in ecstasy. You moan deeply."Oh yes...that's it, that's what I want..." as finally you hit bottom, with my cock fully buried inside you. You are so hot and wet, and I can feel your pussy throbbing.
Slowly you begin to move on me. You raise your hips, and then back down. I place my hands on your tits and begin to massage them, rubbing the nipples, watching them grow erect. You move up and down and lean over, letting me suck a nipple into my mouth.
You move up and down, your eyes closed, moving to some unheard rhythm. My shaft slides in and out, moving in long strokes as you fuck me. The sound of our bodies slapping together mixes with the heady scent of raw sex in the room. I begin to meet your thrusts, driving my cock even deeper into you. "Oh yes..That's it...Fuck me ....Yes...harder...." you cry out.
You move rapidly, my cock pounding into you as you thrust downward. I can feel my balls tighten against me...."I going to cum baby.... cum deep inside you!" I stammer out.
This sends you into a frenzy! You buck wildly, grinding your hips against me, rubbing your clit on my body.... I can see you quiver as you bite your lip...."yes...oh god...yes yes yes YESYESYES OH GOD CUMMING CUMMING CUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG" You yell out loudly. You buck one last time, and sit up straight on my cock, arching your back. You cum so hard and so fast that it sets off my orgasm. You feel my hot sticky cum shoot inside you, mixing with your own juices. Finally you collapse, flopping forward and laying on my chest gasping for air with my cock still buried inside you. You can feel our mixed juices running down your leg and my cock still throbbing inside you.
You look up and kiss me softly, and then lay your head back down. After a minute I think I hear you fall asleep. I smile and close my own eyes too.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Ribbons & Lace
I love to make a trip into the City to shop, its one of my favourite pastimes. I like to try on shoes, even the ones that make me look like a hooker, and I like to put on some of the sexy underwear and imagine that you are there to help me.
This time I am in your local department store, hoping that you will pass by and see me through the gap in the badly fitted curtain. Today I am not disappointed. There you are looking straight at me.
I drop the last of my normal clothing to the floor, and bend down to bring the sexy black lace up to rest on my hips. It feels so good. The beautiful bra is next, it barely covers my large nipples, my breasts strain against the delicate fabric, and the resulting cleavage is enough to tempt you closer. You pretend to search a rack, but you are still looking in at me. I turn my back to you, but make sure that you can still see me in the mirrors of my cubicle.
I trace the pretty stitching on the bra, and breathe deeper as I move over, and then around each of my now stiff nipples in turn. The pleasure it gives me is almost painful. My hand wanders to my ample hips to tease the satin ribbons that loosely bind the lace to my body. My caresses drop further and I gently massage over that most sensitive part of me. I notice my breathing becomes more forceful, and I can feel the heat and wetness from between my legs. My flesh feels as if it is melting.
I catch your look once more in the mirror, and I can see from your eyes that now you are unbearably aroused. I can see that you want me. You want to be my fingers, moving between my legs, and over my soft breasts. I want you to be with me, moving along with me, teasing me, whispering in my ear those sexy words of encouragement, until I beg for you to finish it.
I lose sight of you, and for an instant worry that I might have got it wrong, perhaps I imagined the lust in your eyes. I was right though. You quickly and silently move the curtain aside and come to stand close behind me. You say nothing, but kiss my neck, and massage my breasts, before moving to undo the bra, so that they are free. My swollen nipples ache for your touch. You twist them gently, and I moan.
The ribbons are undone, and swiftly the lace falls away, to reveal the rest of me. I am naked, in a store, in a cubicle with you. You curl your big fingers over me. Stroking the short hair that covers the entrance to heaven. Then you probe deeper, and find that I am wet for you, so wet that your fingers easily slide over me. You caress me and begin to bring me close.
I lean back into you and you whisper in my ear. I hardly hear the words before I start to come. I shudder, but manage to remain quiet, so as not to draw attention to our situation. You trace your wet hand up my body, leaving a shiny trail of my juice on my skin. I can smell sex, and I can feel you hard behind me.
I turn and drop to the floor, where I set to work unbuttoning your trousers. Difficult when you are so horny. Once they are off, I push you to the chair in the corner, and still kneeling I take my tongue and softly move up and down your engorged shaft. I feel you stiffen, and let out a sigh. You hold my head and move me to where you need to feel my touch. I circle you with my mouth and kiss you.
I have started to recover from my earlier pleasure, and waste no time in sitting astride your powerful thighs. I lower myself onto you, and ride you hard. You feel so good, so deep, and so strong. Your rough hands grip my hips and force me up and down on your shaft. I can feel you getting close now, your desperate attempt to wait fails and you explode deep within me. I feel you pulse the last drops of your love inside of me. You are spent.
I rise, and begin to replace my clothes. I put on my shoes, pick up my handbag and the underwear. I walk to the cash desk, and buy the goods. Knowing that you like them. The cashier is distracted, and seems not to notice that the lace is wet and smells of me. She bags them, and I leave the store.
You dress and leave the cubicle, looking flushed. We meet in the busy lift, and merely smile at each other. That is why I like shopping so much.


Sunday, October 09, 2005


If his need had not been so great or desire so greedy he might have showed her some romance. But if he did not posses her now, posses her quickly he was sure he would shatter into jagged shards of desperation.
So his mouth was fevered with impatience , his hands rough with urgency. At first taste of her he knew she was already his. But it was not enough he needed all of her.
She did not tremble or hesitate. As her hands roamed over his back he felt only her hunger urging him on. She nipped at his lips wanting him to take his fill.
He ran his fingers through her rich hair grabbing fistfuls of the silk length. Even as his mouth ruthlessly devoured her. She opened for him, releasing soft and sultry moans of pleasure as his tongued plunged to duel with hers. He wanted so badly and that want vibrating from him aroused her own. She was fighting to meet him thrust for thrust. Her body trembling with passions long suppressed.
She had never been wanted like this. Not like this with the violence of desire pulsing in the air so that every breath was seduction. She strained against him, battering a tide of sensations wanting more.
His mouth raced over her face, down her throat and licking and nipping an erotic path. And his hand oh lordy his hands were fast and lethal.
Desperately she dug her nails into his back. as she tried to remember but her mind was spinning from the onslaught.
His body was like a furnace, hot damp flesh fusing with hers in a way that made her shudder the sheer wonder of it. His fingers clamped hers still while his free hand roamed her body in a merciless assault. She could feel the anger, taste the frustrated and furious desire. Desperate, she begged him to wait but all she could manage were jagged moans .
When his mouth found her breast he let out a hot groan of pleasure. As she writhed beneath him, he nipped and tugged the taut nipple, losing himself in the taste and texture while her heartbeat hammered against his mouth.
He could feel urgent excitement raging through, hear it in quick sobbing breaths. .He ranged lower his tongue laying a wet heat over her belly.Delving deep into her recesses his tongued played .His fingers opening her up . The scent the taste. She was so wet for him
She screams out his name . Whole worlds exploded inside. Stunned she laid shuddering beneath him. Her eyes were dark with passion, her face flushed and dewy with the aftershocks. He had not guessed what it would do to him to see that kind of dazed pleasure on her face. But he knew he wanted more.
He was driving her up again. Before she could recover. Pushing her towards an edge. Now she could only embrace the speed and the thrill of danger. Her hands were as ready as his now her mouth merciless. Her fingers equally impatient as they streaked and pressed over heated flesh. She wanted to touch as urgently as she needed to be touched. Taste as she had been tasted. She craved the madness. The hunger she had not known she could feel, and the wild desire that was like a wolf to consume.
His hard velvet length in her hands. He shuddered under her a her tongue swirled over him. The scent of passion of man consumed her breath. Nipping at his belly her hands played him.
Groaning and at the near the edge. Suddenly he could take no more he had to have her now. Pulling her up in his arms her long legs spread invitingly begging for him.
He entered her hard and fast .She screamed in ecstasy.. Sweat of passion rolling off both of them, the edge of sexual tension in the air.
There was no thought or control now not from either of them. With each thrust he sent her racing again and again. She rode each only frantic for more. More was what he wanted to give her and he wanted to take. Her hips arched and plunged against his until he was senseless As blood fired through his veins he drove himself into her, claiming possession in frenzy of need and heat. She matched him beat for wild beat ,her fingers digging into his hips wanting more of him. Straining together to fall over the edge. They were out control the world fell apart and they burn together. Jagged breathes. Pulsing hearts together in need and desire.